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Slackline is an art of dynamic balance. It is akin to tight rope and high wire but uses tubular nylon webbing. Rope walking of one form or another has been around for at least a couple thousand years but has always been the realm of acrobats and daredevils. This is no longer the case. A slackline revolution is brewing. Practitioners of this art (and sport) are excited about its many forms. Here at SlackDaddy we are passionate about providing top quality tools and information for this revolution.


Many new products have been added including top quality sewn slacklines, runners and even beginner kits. While many companies have sprung up to provide so called slackline products, almost all of these sell the dreaded truck ratchet, (see Classic beginners mistake).

Some view slackline as a sport, others see it as a meditation. No matter how you relate to slackline it will develop your sense of balance and sharpen your awareness faster and more thoroughly than anything I know of. It is also extremely fun.

Have a look around; I hope you find it informative and inspiring.


Scott Balcom